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Eliza/Elizabeth Hoy Old Bailey


ELIZA HOY, theft: simple grand larceny, 17 Feb 1819

334. ELIZA HOY was indicted for stealing, on the 16th of January, two table-spoons, value 10 s.; two teaspoons, value 7 s.; two pair of sheets, value 20 s.; one blanket, value 6 d., and two tea-cloths, value 6 d., the goods of Henry Sanford.

HENRY SANFORD. I am an ironmonger, and live in Bishopsgate-street; the prisoner was my housekeeper; I missed some property, and suspected her. On the 16th of January I sent for Sapwell, and had her searched; he found the duplicates of the property on her.

RICHARD P. HIGHAN. I am a pawnbroker, and live in Bishopsgate-street. On the 3d of December, the prisoner pledged a pair of sheets with me, and on the 4th of December she pledged another pair; she said her brother had absconded in a deranged state, and she wanted the money to advertise him.

THOMAS COX. I am a pawnbroker, and live in Houndsditch. On the 8th of January, the prisoner pledged four spoons with me.

THOMAS SAPWELL. I am an officer. On the 16th of January, I searched the prisoner's box, and found duplicates of the property, with two tea-cloths, and an ironing-cloth.

(Property produced and sworn to.)

Prisoner's Defence. I meant to redeem them.

GUILTY. Aged 56.

Confined Two Years.

London Jury, before Mr. Recorder.

JAMES HUGHES, theft: pick pocketing, 03 Jan 1833

416. JAMES HUGHES was indicted for stealing, on the 31st of December, two 5l. Bank notes, the property of John Bedford, from his person.

JOHN BEDFORD. I am a seaman on board the Lady Kennedy - I received my wages on Monday week last, which was 11l. 19s.; I had two 5l. notes, and the rest in cash - I lodged in the same house with the prisoner, at No. 75, New Gravel-lane, he waited outside while I went to get my money from the owners - I had been in a public house with the prisoner before I was paid, he said he had not one farthing of money, and I treated him; after I was paid I went to the same public-house again, but I cannot say whether he was with me then - I got drunk, and found myself on my bed in the evening, and my two notes were gone; I afterwards found the prisoner in a public-house near my lodgings - I told him of my loss; he said he knew nothing about it, but he pulled out a handful of silver, and said he had been over the water to get it - I gave him in charge.

ELIZABETH HOY. I live with my father in New Gravel-lane - the prosecutor and the prisoner both lodged there; they came home together that night - my mother told the prisoner to put the prosecutor on his bed, because he was drunk, which he did; the prisoner then told me to go out - I told him to come and get his dinner; he said,"You go, and I will come after you" - he then got his dinner, and went out.

WILLIAM DOWELL. I keep the Ship and Whale on Wapping-wall. I have known the prisoner eighteen months; he owed me some money - he came on the 31st of December; he said he had just got his wages, and had come to pay me the 10s. which he owed me; he put down a 5l. note, and told me to take the 10s. out of it, which I did - when I gave it him, he showed me another 5l. note; I told him to leave it with me, which he did, and 2l. 10s. in cash; this was between five and six o'clock in the evening - I had one other 5l. note in the house, and I cannot tell which I received of the prisoner, but two of them are dated the 16th of November, 1832, and are Nos. 31,617, and 31,624 - I know I received one of these from the prisoner, and I believe both of them.

JOSEPH DOWSON. I am one of the owners of the Lady Kennedy; I paid the prosecutor his wages, and amongst them, two 5l. notes - I had received some 5l. notes from Williams, Deacon and Co., Birchin-Lane.

GEORGE POLLARD. I am clerk to Williams and Co., Birchin-lane. I paid Mr. Dowson some 5l. notes on the 31st of December; amongst which were Nos. 31,617 and 31,624.

Prisoner. I hope, as this is my first offence, you will have mercy on me; I did it with the intention of giving it him the next morning.

GUILTY. Aged 22. - Judgment Reapited.