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Old Bailey-Anne Hoy

Anne Hoy , Sarah Hobbs , Anne Sparks , theft: simple grand larceny, 09 Apr 1746

Anne Hoy , Sarah Hobbs , and Anne Sparks , were indicted for stealing one Silver Watch, Value 4 l. one Pair of Brass Shoe-buckles, Value 6 d. two Handkerchiefs, Value 1 s. and ten Shillings in Money; the Property of Thomas Fellows , the 23d of March last.

Q. (to Thomas Fellows .) Where do you live?

Fellows. I lodge at one Mr. Smith's, near Stepney.

Q. Don't you lodge at Jane Dohson 's?

Fellows. No, Sir.

Q. Where does Jane Dohson live?

Fellows. The farther End of Rosemary-Lane.

Q. Had you any thing at her House?

Fellows. The Things I had were about me.

Court. You lay there, did you? and you lodge at another Place.

Fellows. I lodg'd at Jane Dohson 's; but I live, when I am at home, at one Mr. Smith's, near Stepney.

Q. How came you to lodge there?

Fellows. I lodg'd there by a very great Misfortune, only one Night?

Q. Which Night was that?

Fellows. On Thursday Night.

Q. What Day of the Month?

Fellows. The 20th of March.

Q. Then you had those Things about you.

Fellows. Yes.

Court. Tell us what Things you had.

Fellows. I had a Watch.

Q. What Pocket was your Watch in?

Fellows. In my Right-hand Pocket.

Q. What was it a Silver Watch?

Fellows. Yes, worth four Guineas.

Q. Had you any Shoes there and Shoebuckles ?

Fellows. Yes.

Q. And what were they worth?

Fellows. Sixpence. I had also two Handkerchiefs.

Q. What might they be worth?

Fellows. One Shilling.

Q. Where were they?

Fellows. One was about my Neck, the other in my Coat Pocket.

Q. Well; Had you any Money?

Fellows. Yes, ten Shilling in Silver in my Breeches Pocket.

Q. And did you lose these Things?

Fellows. I lost them all.

Q. How long was you in the House?

Fellows. About six or eight Hours. I was in the House about Twelve o'Clock at Night, and went away between Five and Six in the Morning.

Court. We suppose you went to bed there, Did you not ? Did you pull off your Cloaths?

Fellows. I did, Sir.

Q. When did you first miss your Things ?

Fellows. When I awaked, Sir.

Q. Did they take your Breeches ?

Fellows. No; they left my Breeches.

Q. Are you sure the Things were there when you went to bed.

Fellows. I am sure of that, Sir.

Q. Do you know any thing who had them?

Fellows. Sarah Hobbs , and Anne Sparks , between them.

Q. How do you know they had them?

Fellows. I know it, because they confess'd it the very same Day.

Q. Did they lie with you?

Fellows. One of them, Sarah Hobbs .

Q. Where did the other lie?

Fellows. The other lay in another Bed in the same Room: When I awaked they were both gone.

Q. When did you find either of them?

Fellows. The same Day, at the same House.

Q. Did you find any of the Things upon them?

Fellows. Yes, Sir, the two Handkerchiefs; they had them about each of their Necks, I am sure.

Q. Did you find any thing else, your Watch or Shoebuckles ?

Fellows. No, my Lord, I found nothing of them again.

Q. What did they say to you? What did Sarah Hobbs confess?

Fellows. She confess'd she had the Watch.

Q. Did she confess how she had it?

Fellows. She did not give a particular Account how she took it.

Q. Did she co nfess she took any thing else ?

Fellows. No.

Q. Did Anne Sparks say that she had any thing at all? but you say found one of the Handkerchiefs about her Neck; I don't find that she confess'd any thing to you.

Fellows. The Money they bought new Cloaths with.

Q. Did Anne Sparks say so?

Fellows. Yes.

Q. (to John Herridge .) What are you?

Herridge. I went with Mr. Fellows to see if I could find these Women; I happen'd to find them at the House of Mr. Tomson's; there Sarah Hobbs was in the House, and she acknowledg'd she had the Handkerchief, and took the Watch, and said they had ten Shillings: And as for the Buckles, they gave them to a Soldier.

Q. What did you hear Anne Sparks say?

Herridge. I did not hear her say any Thing, but she had one of the Handkerchiefs about her Neck.

Q. What do you know about the other Woman?

Herridge. We found Anne Hoy in Ragg-Fair. We went into an Alehouse; she acknowledg'd to me, if the Man would give her two Guineas she would help him to the Watch.

Q. Did she confess her taking it?

Herridge. She said she did not commit any Robbery, for she was not there; but for a couple of Guineas she could help him to the Watch again.

Court. So you know nothing of her, only that she said she could help him to the Watch again.

Herridge. No.

Q. (to Anne Scott .) What do you know of this Matter?

Scott. This Gentleman (the Prosecutor) brought in Sarah Hobbs as his Wife; he brought in this Anne Sparks for her Sister; and he paid 8 d. for two Beds for them.

Court. You live there, don't you?

Scott. Sir, 'tis my own Sister; she came in as his Wife, and Anne Sparks came in as her Sister.

Court. Then Sarah Hobbs he brought in as his Wife.

Scott. Yes, Sir, he paid 8 d. for his Bed.

Q. Do you know any thing of their taking these Things?

Scott. Sir, at Three o'Clock in the Morning they went to bed, as Man and Wife: She (my Sister) lets Lodgings there. The young Woman went up at Three o'Clock in the Morning, and she took away his Shoes, Watch and Money; she own'd, when she was took the next Day, the taking the said Things. She hit Anne Sparks a Slap on the Face, for not taking away his Breeches, and said, Why did you not take away his Plate-button'd Coat and Breeches. Anne Sparks is a very innocent Creature, I believe, and 'tis pity she should suffer. Sarah Hobbs own'd the Shoes were pawn'd in Shoreditch for a Shilling.

Q. Did she own she took any thing away?

Scott. Sarah Hobbs took them all away. She waken'd Anne Sparks out of a Sleep, and told her she did not understand her Trade, &c.

Q. (to the Prisoner.) Sarah Hobbs , will you ask this Witness any Questions?

Prisoner. I don't know any thing of her?

Q. Have you any Witnesses ?

Q. (to Sarah Betts .) Do you understand any thing of this Matter, or do you come to the Prisoner's Character?

Betts. I come to the Character of Sarah Hobbs .

Q. What Character has she?

Betts. She was brought up in a very sober Way, and I never heard of any Thing against her before. She us'd to Wash and Scour, and go out to Harvest work in the Country. She is a Widow.

Court. You never heard an ill Character of her before.

Betts. No, my Lord.

Q. Do you know any thing of Anne Sparks ?

Betts. I have seen her.

Q. Do you know any thing of Anne Hoy ?

Betts. No farther than seeing of her.

Anne Sparks and Anne Hoy Acquitted. Sarah Hobbs Guilty


Anne Hoy , theft: no type specified, 10 Jun 1736

Anne Hoy , was indicted for stealing a Box Iron, Heater and Stand, a Linnen Shift and other Things, the Goods of John James , December 24.

The Prosecutor not appearing, she was acquitted