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Old Bailey-Nan Hoy

Thomas Dodds , theft with violence: robbery, theft with violence: highway robbery, 15 Jan 1736

Thomas Dodds , of St. Botolph, Aldgate, (with James Baily , not taken) was indicted for robbing John Putt of a Hatt, value 10 s. on the King's Highway, the 27th of December last.

He was a second Time indicted (with James Bailey not taken) for an Assault on John Wilson , with an Intent to steal the Monies of the said Wilson, the 27th of December last.

John Putt . Coming from the shovel in Ratcliff Highway, about a Quarter after 10 at Night in New Rag-Fair, I was set upon by a single Man, who clapped a Pistol (as I thought it) to my Breast, and cried, D - n ye, Stand. I got it from him, and found it to be a Hammer, I struck him two or three times with it; but my Friend who was with me, crying out, I have Three upon me; I left my Man, to assist my Friend. I struck one of them twice, but they made off, and carried away my Hatt.

Prisoner. A great deal of what he swears is false.

John Wilson . The 27th of December I was coming, with Mr. Putt, from the same House, and I stopped to make Water, - it was mortal dark, - I heard somebody bid Putt stand, and went to assist him; but two Men fell upon me, and one of them gave me a sad Blow. Putt, Putt, says I, I have got 3 Men upon me; he came to help me, and they made off. After this, we got a Candle and found my Hatt and this Cap; but my Friends Hatt was lost. 'Twas that Hatt's coming to light that has brought us to this Trouble.

Nan Hoy . December 27. I went with Sprats to Mrs. Ingram's; and Tommy Dodds was there with Jemmy Bailey - 'tis in Well street - and two young Women were with them, and his Aunt. I gave a Pot-full of Sprats to boil, and after they had eaten the Sprats, the young Women wanted a Dram. Jemmy Baily had no Money, nor Dodds neither; so the young Women gave me Three-half-pence to fetch some Gin after our Sprats: but Mrs. Ingram would have no Gin come there, nor let them sing a Song. So Jemmy Baily, and I, and Dodds, and the two young Women, went to a Distiller's and had half a Pint; we paid Three-halfpence,and scor'd the other Three-half pence. We stayed there till 8 or 9 o'Clock; one of the young Women would stay no longer; so Dodds, and Baily, and I, and the other Woman, went to see her Home into Hogg-yard. As we were going to this Place, Jemmy Baily dropped us, and went to the Shovel, and Dodds and I stayed at his Aunt's Door; we talked there about a Quarter of an Hour, and up comes Jemmy Baily; Who's here, says he? I am here, and Nan Hoy , says Dodds: I have been at the Shovel, says Jemmy Baily, and there is Gentlemen paying their Reckoning, - they have Money - Money we want, and Money must have. So Baily, and Dodds, and I went down, they - a little before me, and stop-ped at Mr. Jackson's Door. It was a Quarter of an Hour before the Gentlemen came by; they turned up between Nightingal-lane and Ragg Fair. Jemmy Baily followed, and gave the Man in the Red Rug-Coat a Blow; the Man turned and struck at him with his Cane, but the other Man had got Dodd's Hammer from him, and broke his Head with it in two Places. Baily got off with a Hatt, but which of the Gentlemen it belonged to I can't tell, Dodds lost his Hatt and Cap in the Fray. I was afraid Dodds was taken, and went to look for him, I found him all over Gore-Blood, and Hatt, Cap, and Hammer were gone. Jemmy Baily came to us again, and said, If you have lost your Hatt, we have a better in the Room of it. Next Morning Dodds came to me to the Glass-house to desire me to get 2 s. upon the Hatt; we had 2 s. and half a Pint of Gin upon it of Mr. Reynolds; and next Day, Dodds order me to go to Mr. Reynolds and bid him sell the Hatt, and send the rest of the Money. The Hatt was sent by Mary Smith from Reynold's and was carried to Mr. Harris to sell - He seeing the Blood in the Inside, stopt it, and I told him 'twas Dodds gave me the Hatt.

Wm. Reynolds. Hoy borrowed 2 s. on this Hatt, and had 6 d in Liquor. Next Day she would have it sold: I sent it to Mr. Harris, and he stopp'd it, and acquainting me with the Grounds of his Suspicion, Hoy was taken up, and gave the same Account before the Justice.

Nathaniel Harris , corroborated the former Evidence.

William Stent . I took up the Informant, and she told this same Story; we searched for Dodds and took him, he confessed before the Justice, but his Confession was not taken in Writing.

Benjamin Green . I keep a Hatter's Shop in Rosemary-Lane . I saw the Hatt go by in the Woman's Hand, and called to her to know if 'twas to be sold; she said yes for 4s. I saw the Blood in the Inside, and would have nothing to do with it; but upon recollecting my self; I stept after her to Harris's, and getting an Officer, we made this Discovery, and Hoy made herself an Evidence.

The Prisoner called several to his Reputation, and the Jury found him not guilty.